Why Choose Us?

Guaranteed quality

With in-depth understanding and extensive experience in clinical trial management, we provide high-quality service and expertise to meet all our clients’ clinical trial needs. Our team of consultants have a combined 30 years of experience working across the industry.

Focus on partnership

Complete Phase understands the need of small to medium size pharmaceutical companies and have a record of delivery results for our clients. We are focused on fostering partnerships by offering hands-on and tailored solutions. Our leadership team are on hand to provide real-time advice and decisions, cutting down project times, reducing unnecessary fixed costs, and delivering fast results.

Fast results

Using Australia’s efficient and streamlined regulatory framework for clinical trials, and the knowledge and networks of our highly experienced team of consultants, we offer fast results.

Reduce cost

We can help maximize your clinical trial budget. Tapping into the Australian Government's R&D tax incentives, we can help companies recover up to 43.5% of their research expenditure.